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Readers Raise the Roof!

"Readers Raise the Roof!" (R3) is a 1-1/2 hour workshop educators can replicate at their school to meet parent involvement goals for families of students in pre-kindergarten through third grade. It teaches families research-based activities they can easily do at home to support reading practice. Research indicates that time spent practicing reading outside of school hours is essential for children to become fluent readers. The activities parents learn to do are fun and engaging, making it more likely children will practice reading at home more often.

The workshop's fun construction theme draws greater numbers of families to attend, maintains the interest of learners and provides analogies that help parents readily grasp key reading concepts. Families are welcomed to the workshop by their children's teachers dressed as construction workers. They are given a "blueprint" to use as their learning guide. The workshop begins with a groundbreaking ceremony that emphasizes the importance of parent involvement on children's reading and academic success.

During the workshop, participants "play house" by actively participating in reading activity demonstrations to successfully climb the five "Ladders of Success." Each time they reach the top rung of a ladder, they reflect on what they've learned and develop one of the parts of their "custom home reading plans." The workshop ends with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, where families and educators dedicate themselves to working together so that all children have the opportunity to become successful readers. Families are encouraged to hang their custom home reading plans up at home to serve as a visual prompt to follow through with their plans. On the back of their blueprint is the game "Two-Way Street" that parents can play with their children at home. The game involves families in doing many of activities taught in the workshop and helps parents get more in touch with their children's ongoing school experience.


Participants will:

1. Understand the positive impact family involvement can have on student success;
2. Learn about the positive correlation between a child's time spent practicing at home and fluent reading;
3. Learn how to set up a home environment that encourages daily reading practice;
4. Meet an identified set of Common Core standards for reading and the language arts;
5. Learn specific practice activities they can easily do at home that target all five components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension; and,
6. Apply what they learn from R3 in designing a "custom home reading plan" that specifies how they will support their children's reading practice at home.

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